Today was a rainy day and I say love makes the world go round!

Hey readers, today it was rainy again, so I lounged all day in my pijamas, I wasn't feeling so well, I felt a little like getting the flu, so my brother cooked breakfast for me and I watche this natgeo show on tv, it was about new zeland pretty amazing, it gave me the idea of celebrating my 21st bday bungy jumping! what do you think? should i do it?? would you do it? have you guys done it? if so, how does it feel??

Today I had lunch with daddy it was nice, and afterwards I went out a while with Ilse to grab some coffee at our nearby Starbucks, this is what I wore.

Shirt: dad's (it seems to be like my fave shirt for rainy days like today lately.
Jeans: Refuge, from Charlotte Russe on Flat Irons Mall on CO
Heels: downtown market (I'm maddly in love with them)
Purse: Coach, mom's

The thing I love the most on a rainy day is a Starbucks Chai Soy Latte it makes me warm!!
I missed my dollie Ilse sooo much!! seriously, we talked a lot, lots of boy talk lol and she told me that the photos for the local fashion magazine she made last week were out so of course when I got back home I checked them out she looks stunning :)

I'm off guys, I'll go have dinner, hotdogs!

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