I keep everything I shared with you and that's enough

Not everything is supposed to come true
Some words are best unsaid
Some love is not really love at all

There's Us - Alexz Johnson

Hey guys, Its been like, months since I broke up with him but lately I've been thinking so much of him, that's why I start this post with that song. Anyways on to happier stuff, this is an inspiration post!!

Lately I've been obsessing about Amy Winehouse's style!

Get the look!!

All pictures via We Heart It.


  1. amy's always had a lovely retro look... but she's got to lose blaaaaaaake and the beer and the drugs


  2. yeah i totally agree with you!! and she's gotta put some weight on again, to me, she looks waaay better with those amazing curves, in my opinion she's so skinny nowadays that it looks so not healthy at all!