Design = Desire

Hey lovely followers!! Sorry for my long long absence but I've been really busy at work and also I got this major league kinda flu!! so that's why I'm not posting pictures of my outfits until I look kinda decent. Yesterday I indeed felt kinda better in the afternoon so I decided, why not? go shopping!! It will sound vain and lame to some of you who don't understand it, but shopping by myself is one of the things I enjoy the most in life, some people don't get it, the other day I was telling a male friend about it, he told me "only women enjoy shopping sprees" and I told him "of course not! I know a couple of guys who actually do, and no they're not gay, my cousin does, and so does this guy I dated a couple of months!" and he said "ok I'll give you that, but the ones who enjoy it the most is you girls" so we got into this talk about fashion and shopping, and told him that it's such a pleasure to go into a nice store and fall inlove with the pieces in it, Karl Lagerfeld mentioned that a while ago, not sure of the exact words but he said that he would't trade that feeling for shopping online and I greatly agree with him. Would you change it??

Why do I like shopping all by myself? I don't think I can explain the feeling, it's different from the one when you go with friends or your mom, it's like a Me time, something that I enjoy and makes me feel like I love myself so much lol!

So these are a few things I bought yesterday, I also got this tulip skirt you won't see because the zipper came broken and didn't realized till I got home, so today I'm going to the store to change it.

This is the back of the top it has lace bows :)

Dress from ZARA
Knee padded leggings (L)

Flowered skirt with pockets

Blue dress

I also leave you guys a couple of pics from last sunday that I went out with a couple of friends :)

My outfit for the night

Skirt: made it myself
Necklace: vintage
And heels which you can't see here


  1. amo a la gatita!!! esta bella :)

  2. si verdad? pero qe crees? resulto ser niñooo dijo el veterinario! hahah como qe mi hermano y yo no estamos buenos para eso!