An Accidental Memory in the Car

So it's been raining like a lot here in my hometown, but today is so much better, at least it didn't rain, I kind of hate rain you know? I'm still looking for the perfect rainboots, I saw this really cute ones on ebay, from burberry, still thinking of getting them, it's not like I love them.
I got a new cat today, my brother and I named it "Paul" after Sir Paul McCartney :)

So ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. Paul!

This was my fave outfit from last week, navy inspired, what do you think?

Top: nonstop
Belt: my brother's
High waisted cutoff shorts: DIY
Ballerinas: downtown store
Shades: Thrifted
Necklaces: DIY
Purse: Vintage

Last night it was still raining so my mom and I went to the local BlockBuster and got some movies, we watched HarryPotter 5 for the first time since none of us had seen it yet, I know that it's like, ancient history but lol we're busy girls. This morning I got to watch Confessions of a shopaholic for the first time also, such a nice chick flick, just the way I like 'em. Then I had lunch with mom and got back home to do some cleaning up! It's been a nice busy day.

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