Outfit: Leather Jacket

Outfit: Leather jacket, Top from ZARA, Shorts from BSK, Tigh high socks from ZARA, Snickers from Converse.

That's what I wore to school on Friday, really confortable, also don't forget to stop by lookbook and HYPE my look for the VOLCOMunity contest!



Outfit: Flowered Socks


Shirt: bsk
Skirt: bsk
Socks: ZARA
Wedges: Gillio Blue

What I wore to school on thursday.

I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend, and don't forget to hype my outfit on LOOKBOOK for the VOLCOMUNITY Contest!



Outfit: Pink Shorts

This is what I wore monday, I went out with my friend Dany, we did some book shopping and also had a coffee together, it'd been ages since we last saw each other, so we really needed to do some catching up!
I'm loving those flo pink shorts and they're so confy.

Pictures by my friend Dany


Outfit: Red Pants

This is what I wore today to school, I just got those red pants yesterday and I'm very much in love with them! This semester at college will be so fun and interesting, we have a couple of students from Brazil in my classroom, and all of my classes are really interesting. I love black doors, so when I saw that one I knew I had to get my pictures taken over there.

Blouse: bsk
Pants: Pull and Bear
Ring: TM
Wedges: Gillio Blue

Pictures by my brother


NEW: Leather Jacket

So, my mom bought me the cutest leather jacket ever, I'm so in love with it, but I'd never had one before, so this morning I started looking up some inspiration and this is what I came across, in my opinion a leather jacket is a must in every girl's closet, they go with everithing, and they can give any outfit that edgy style, they also can spice up a basic outfit, plus they work well in rainy, coldish weather, do you like leather jackets? own one? how do you style it? I need ideas!! I'll post a picture of it as soon as I wear it, and as I see the weather (it's been windy and kinda rainy over here since yesterday) that'll be pretty soon!!


Images via Tumblr.