Inspiration for the day

I personally loooove alexa chung's style! I can't tell you she's my style icon, because I was thinking that I don't have one, I don't even know if I have a defined style, maybe that's why I made this blog so I can see my 'look du jour' evolution, any comments on my style??

image credit WWWD newsletter

Apparently cascading earrings are on trend right now! what's your view on them? you like them? I used to be a big fan!! like in my first year of highschool and stuff, now I guess I don't like 'em that much! maybe it's because I haven't found a cool pair, but i'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt!

Remember my hair post a few weeks ago? well I finally decided to dye it back to my original color, I have such a nice combination of hair, skin tone and eyes, let's not waste it away! I'll post pictures latter on! :)


le week-end

So the past two days I spent them outside (at least in the morning) because the weather was just oh so lovely!! illustrating some stuff for a college project!

Saturday afternoon I spent it with my bff, we ate some chicken tenders and then went to the movies, we watched HP 7 pt 1 has any of you watched it yet, i liked it, but I actually liked better the book, and we couldn't help but notice the resemblance between Fleur's wedding dress and the one from McQ

image via Refinery29

Sunday afternoon I spent it avec dad, we went to eat some shrip quesadillas and beer and afterwards we went book shopping, he got me this really cool book I already started it! (Deeper than the dead by Tami Hoag)

image via tamihoagdotcom

Tomorrow I'm hitting the road with my dad (roadtrip yay!!) so excited! We're going to Guadalajara, I'll take pictures and then tell you how it went on, wish me luck!!


Look du jour!

Skirt: LOB
Tights: mom's
Flats: don't remember (they're sooo old but i love them I'd love to get my hands on another pair of those! and I remember they were so cheap!)
Top: Dress worn as top from sphera (one of my faves!)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT
Beret: BSK
Bag: Claire's :)

Today I felt like channeling Blair Waldorf, she's my new style icon! don't know if I got it right though.. what do you think? you like her style? Anyways, anyone watched Gossip Girl last night? it was sooo good! love me some Chuck Bass!

GG images via weheartitDOTcom

And thanks again for your comments and love and stuff! :)


What's in my purse?

Hello Kitty Wallet
Owl necklace
Sunglasses & Glasses
Makeup Bag
VS hand lotion
Medicine box
Nail Polish
A Piece of Aqua Fabric
Camera (wich doesn't appear on the picture since I took it with it!)

What's in yours? I encourage you my fellow bloggers/readers to post on your blog what's on your bag or to send me pictures of what's in yours in case you don't have a blog.

And a little DIY gift for your handbags! I'm working on mine, I'll show you latter how it turned out!

Today monday we get to see a new episode of Gossip Girl! (which I love!) are you guys excited??

Also thanks a lot for your comments and stuff they really make me smile and make my day!! keep 'em coming!


My hair, and style and stuff over the time :)

You see, I was born with really pale skin, red lips, and STRAIGHT almost black hair :) When I got to 7th grade it started to get wavy, curly, weird and didn't like it at all, but i still let it grow and stuff, when I got to prep school I hated my hair, so I decided to cut it really short and straighten it forever :) still keeping my natural hair colour

But still kinda experimented on the lenght of the many layers I had on my still short hair

Then at some point I decided I wanted long long hair, but since mine was really short I decided to get hair extensions (because my hair grows really really slowly!)
Still keeping natural hair colour!

Then on a trip to CO for my 18th bday I decided f*ck extensions and I want my hair purple!

But as soon as I got back home I got it dyed brown :) trying to blend in a little and got hair extensions back!

On a tantrum to be blonde I bleaches all of my hair which turned to be one awful mess, luckily there're no pictures of it! I immediately ran next morning to get it dyed black.

Still being a huge fan of hair extensions I got some coon tails and blonde /white ones to match my black ones! EPIC WIN i loooved how it looked and so did people who even stopped me on the street to ask about it! lol!

After almost a year with said look I threw away coon tails and hair extensions cause my hair was a little longer now and decided to experiment on my own hair

Wich turned into some white streaks (sp?)

blonde streak on the side and aqua/green/weird bangs

I also liked to experiment on the size of my bangs lol which sometimes turned out to be HUGE mistakes!!

Then my blonde streak turned blue :)

Then it went to being plain black

But it felt boring, so I got some red extensions, which looked killer! :)

after a couple of months I wanted to have chocolate colour hair, but Oh surprise! Black hair dye is the hardest thing to get off of the hair, so I got some chocolate higlights which I really loved, but were too hard to keep looking cool

And then one day almost a year ago I woke up and said to myself "I've never ever been a red head! lets try it!" which also turned into a mess and it looked orange brown weird!

A month latter I got it kinda reddish which I liked better and I also paired with some black hair extensions! :)

But red fades away really really fast!! So I decided I wanted to be strawberry blonde! which I am now, but, to hard to mantain and stuff so now there're only 2 possible solutions:

Dye it back to its original color so it can grow out without the need of retouching it or my beloved òmbre hair!

what do you think I should do?