Coffee Date

Necklace: thrifted
Blouse: mucho tu gusto
Pants: ZARA
Bag: Claire's
Boots: ZARA

Yesterday me and the boyfriend went out for some coffee before it began raining, last night we had the scariest thunder/lightning storm I've ever seen! Seriously I was so scared that I couldn't sleep even though I was really tired, since the night before I attended my bff's graduation party, we got home around 4am! So I barely slept and was falling asleep everywhere!



Summer rainy days are here

Leather jacket
Basic tee: ZARA
Pants: ZARA
Heels: ViaLibera
Chain Cilinder Bag: Thrifted

It's been rainy this last couple of days, I looove summer rains like I said before, tonight's my BFF's prom, I'm wearing this really chic black dress, with killer lace heels! I'm pretty excited about it, will have such a nice time!
So, this far I've been blogging, reading some really nice books, and watching this show called Criminal Minds, I can't believe I hadn't found it before! Such a cool show, have you guys seen it? Do you like it? I'm almost done with the 3rd season and can't get enough of it!! But seriously, I need to find a summer past-time! Any ideas? maybe I'll start with all those DIY projects I have sitting around, who knows.. So how has your summer been? What are your plans?



Pink & Gray


Shades: thrifted
Shirt: from my aunt
Skirt: ZARA
Bag: vintage from my greatgrandmother
Wooden sandals: ZARA

What I wore to a movie date with the boyfriend (:
It's been raining ever since, summer rains are one of my favourite parts of summer, what are yours?



Shades: thrifted
Shirt: MuchTUGusto
Bag: gift from my bff
Shorts: Aeropostale cutoffs
Socks: ZARA
Sneakers: Converse

Blouse ♥
Chain bag+shades
Chucks+floral socks from ZARA

I'm in love with my new blouse (:


MuchoTUGusto Showroom party

 Clutch bags
 Pretty pretty clothes
 Great summery drinks+cupcakes

 Pretty (: I should move in here!
 Vintage shoes (:
 Trying on some clothes (:

 Yummy pink drink (:
 Vintage Dior
 Vintage Dior+Givenchy
 Tons of lovely accessories

 Reading material
Cupcake love (:

So as I promised, more pictures on the showroom I did a photoshoot for a couple of weeks ago, here they are, I was kindly invited to they're SALE Party this past saturday, where I got a lovely blouse I'll show you guys latter, they had delicious cupcakes, fresh summery pink drinks and Vitamin Water ♥ and of course lovely clothes! Here are some pictures for you guys to see a little bit more of it (:




Latest finds

 Floral handkerchiefs
 Italian pashmina
 Summer kimono
Summer kimono:
garage sale
Tanktop: ZARA

That dress was for my design final project, what do you think? love it or hate it?

The kimono and handkerchiefs bought them on a garage sale my mom's friends did for charity.

So now I'm a free girl, the semester's done and summer's finally here, I can't wait to blog my summer to you guys!



Featured on a local paper

I was featured in a local newspaper, one of the pictures that we did for the muchotugusto shoot was used as an ad for Rox de Luna (the photographer who did the shoot) it was a full page with me, it felt so nice, lol. My mom went crazy and bought like 4 copies of the news paper!

This past week has been so busy, and so will be the one that starts in a couple hours! End of semester you know, and with all the finals and stuff life is hectic as hell! Yesterday I styled a photoshoot and modeled for it along with my friend Ilse for an article on color blocking, today we changed my mom's look and styled 2 outfits for her, she looked lovely! and tomorrow I'll be styling another photoshoot at a ranch with horses and everything! So excited! I can't wait to show all those pretty photos to you guys!!

I also got an invite today to MuchoTuGusto's party this next saturday! Pics soon!

So that's my explanation of why I've been so M.I.A lately, but I promise that as soon as my finals are done, I'll keep you posted!





Shades: downtown
Shirt: BSK
Shorts: DIY
Ring: downtown
Flats: ZARA

photos by BBB