William Eggleston

Photographs by William Eggleston! Such a good photographer! Inspiration time!



The witches of bushwick



Hat: Downtown store
Shades: Gift from my mom
Cropped top: Pull & Bear
Black mini: DIY
Shear maxiskirt: DIY
Heels: Via Libera

I learned how to levitate you guys! thanks to the lovely tips to Salad of my life

Thank you for all your lovely comments guys and for following me (:



Black & white & orange nail polish


Shades: Gift from my mom
Scarf: Mom's
Top: BSK
Cutoffs: Levi's
Clutch: DIY
Shoes: Vintage
Ring: Mom's

This is what I wore today! I'm loving those shades and my new nail polish!!

Photos by my brother.


Ocium_Guillotina Fashion show

Last night I got an invitation to attend Ocium_Guillotina's latest fashion show, the brand is an experimental concept by 2 teachers from my school, Lalo Ortiz an Pilar Ramos, it wasn't the typical fashion show, you know the one with the models and runway and stuff, it was something differet, fresh, new, first of all it was located in a skate park, yes, you read well, a skate park, and  second, they didn't have a runway, they projected a video over the skate park and afterwars we all had to turn around and they had this winow where the models stood there, without moving like they were mannequins, so cool! Anyways here are some of the pictures.

Top: bsk
Skirt: made it myself
Oxfords: downtown
Bag: TM