What's in my bag?

Best kept secret

Long time since I did one of these posts, so here it is!

My bag (current favourite) is from ALDO, and in it I always carry the next things (as shown above):

- A Jordi Labanda notepad (and yes, I know, no pen)
- My favourite Mexican candy (get them here)
- I love... mango and papaya hand lotion (here)
-The Bath and Bodyworks cranberry scented antibacterial gel (here)
- Rubber bands and bobby pins.
- Lighter (in case a cute guy asks you for one ;D )
- Wallet (That's actually a clutch from Sfera)
- Marc Jacobs make up bag.

What's in my (make up) bag?

 photo 2-7.jpg

Considering myself a minimalist, this applies to most areas of my life, even make up, so, I rarely wear the whole mask on, (read: concealer, primer, make up, etc.) I would describe myself as being pretty basic and worshiping mostly at the drugstore makeup brands for the most part. So, makeup purists of the world, please don't kill me, here's what's in my everyday make up bag.

- NARS blush in Orgasm (I swear by this one, get it here)
- Sharpener.
- Tweezers.
- Spoon (I've never used an eyelash curler in my life)
- Mirror.
- SUGAR lip balm (here)
- Elite liquid eyeliner in brown.
- Maybelline eyeshadows in Natural Smokes 02 (here)
- Brown eyeshadow that I got really cheap in Mexico and use for my eyebrows.
- Sephora white eyeliner (here)
- Define-a-lash Maybelline mascara (here)
- NOVExpert Organic Moisturizer.
-Crown Brush brushes (get the set here)

So yeah, that's pretty much what I carry in my bag most of the times, of course there's some other things like, sometimes my iPad, and (always) my keys, but they weren't in the picture, sunglasses that change depending my outfit, and if it's too hot outside a small water bottle. So yeah guys, women's bags aren't all that interesting or mysterious! What do you ALWAYS carry in your bag?



  1. we got the same things on the bag!

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  2. you make up bag is so cute :)
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  3. Hahahaha loved the detail of " notepad (and yes, I know, no pen)" i often do that too

  4. I love this kind of posts! The make up bag is so cute! :)