BBB is back!

Ok, I know I've said this probably like a hundred times during the past nine months, but I'm back and this time for good, and you can tell by the revamping the site is getting done and will continue to do over the next couple of weeks, so expect new posts and more changes!

Tell Blogger the b*tch is back!

 photo DSCN9753.jpg
Outfit: Sleeveless lace blouse, Shades, H&M ring on a necklace, Forever21 peplum biker jacket, Forever21 skort, ALDO studded bag, Suede slippers.

Spring is finally arriving to the capital, and like many other Washingtonians me and my friends decided to make the most of it and spent the weekend (a couple of weeks ago, I must add) downtown for the Cherry Blossom Festival, this is what I wore.

I met this man that weekend, he was walking around the Tidal Basin, with this amazing vintage analog camera from the 50's hanging from his neck, when I asked him about it he stopped and smiled, and then proceeded to tell me its story and how it works, he even showed me how to take pictures, and my friend Beyda (whom we were trying to get a picture of) took this picture at the perfect moment. This man is amazing, you could see that sparkle in his eyes and feel the passion he feels for photography in his voice just talking about it on and on. We need more people like that in the world.

Stay tunned.


Pictures taken by my friend Beyda.