BBB: On short hair.

On when should women cut their hair.

Ever since I was eight years old I've had this obsession with pixie hair cuts, I remember at this age wanting one so bad, but my mom wouldn't let me go so far chopping my tresses and I ended up getting this nasty (that now would actually look pretty cool) 60's mod bob. 

I think that ever since then I've been obsessed with pixies, from Twiggy's 60's iconic one, Audrey Hepburn's in Roman Holiday, Alyssa Milano's (because who didn't love Phoebe in 90's Charmed) Winona Ryder's in the 90's and more recently Natalie Portman, Audrey Tautou, and one of my all time faves, Pink. But lately is these ladies on the image above that make me want to chop off all of my hair.

And to be honest with you I've been wanting to chop off all of my hair for quite a while, I'd say it's been about two years that I've been flirting with the idea, but now that I'm whispering all my deepest darkest secrets to you, I gotta say I'm a coward, I'm terrified of getting my ever so slow to grow out beautiful hair, chopped off, and that's not what scares me, it's a) the plausibility of regreting it the very second I hear the click of the scissors and b) fear of that awkward phase when you're growing out your hair where it'll be too long to be a pixie and way too short to be a bob or something that you're able to pull up in a ponytail, I'd like to call it being stuck on a bad hair day forever.

So while I was on the phone this afternoon with my friend Beyda discussing the implications of such a radical look change as is a pixie, I got to thinking, when is the right time for a girl to go from 60's flower girl/ muse hair to a neat little pixie hair? She said that hair cuts like those don't come from following a fad (though in some cases I think they do) but from somewhere much deeper, she said that every woman comes across with something a situation that shakes her and makes her decide to go short.

For the longest time it's been known that women a certain age should leave behind their long tresses and opt for a shorter style, and that lead me to think, when is it that women should go short? Is this decision, like Beyda said, a product of a change in our lives and mindset what moves a woman to do it regardless of her age? Or is it something more like a rite of passage, that every woman must come to terms with at some late point in her life?

I think Beyda is right, it's not so much about your age, but about your mind set, every body gets a signal at some point that makes her decide to do it, and it's got nothing to do with age, it's not something exclusive of the 50's or 60's or so on age group, and to exemplify it we have Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel, Mademoiselle Chanel decides to cut her hair to prove her point, that women can be more attractive without all the over the top feminine attire of the time, and that it was okay to borrow elements from the male wardrobe and aesthetic. 

And I think this is what I like about all these magnificent ladies above, that they are all in different age groups bellow the one designated by society for when it's appropriate for a woman to get rid of her locks. Michelle Williams, Elisa Nalin, Tegan and Sara, Anne Hathaway, you rock girls!

For now, I'll keep my fear of going short, but who knows? Conquering your fears always makes you a stronger person..

What are your views on short hair? Do you like pixie cuts? Are they too much? Who are your pixie hair icons? Share your thoughts!!


Images on the collage via google, collage by me.

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  1. I love short pixie hair - I think it is so cute and also would be alot easier to deal with. Wouldnt have to worry about tangles and such so much! But I do think that pixie hair cuts only suit those who have the right face/bone structure - unfortunately what I don't have!