Blazers are love

Blazers hanging from my window, black blazer from CONTEMPO, pink blazer from ZARA and white blazer from IVONNE COHEN, a lovely view.
 New and old readings, VOGUE, ELLE, TEEN VOGUE, some sketchbooks, and 2 new books my grandpa gave me.
My desk with everything necessary for an evening of study, BB with my favourite Anberlin playlist, Jordi Labanda notebook, pens, Vitamin Water.

I can't believe I'm in exams period at college already, and I really want to get good grades this semester so yesterday I decided that I'd study a couple of hours, I took out my notes, and decided to read them, while listening to Anberlin (I have a little musical crush with them) and drinking some VW.
I hope you guys have a nice week and wish me luck on my test tomorrow!

No puedo creer que ya empezé el periodo de exámenes, este semestre en verdad quiero tener buenas calificaciones, así que ayer decidí estudiar un par de horas, saque mis apuntes y los leí escuchando a Anberlin (creo que tengo una pequeña obsesión musical con ellos) y bebiendo un Vitamin Water. 
Espero que tengan una linda semana y deseenme suerte en mi examen de mañana!


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