Pink blazer from ZARA

Ok so I'll tell you the story of The Pink ZARA Blazer. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping and came across this beautiful pink blazer, I wasn't quite sure wheter I liked it or not at the moment, as the days passed I found myself thinking of that gorgeous and nicely constructed blazer hanging on said rack of ZARA, lusting after it and convincing myself that I really loved it and indeed needed it in my closet, or else my life wouldn't feel complete (I know dramatic as a McQueen fashion show) So after a couple of weeks dreaming of it, I went shopping again, adamant as hell to buy it. On my way to the store, I could feel the excitment growing in me, my palms sweaty, I felt I couldn't walk fast enough, when I finally got to the store, I walked in, to the very end of it to where I knew was the object of my affection, there, between numerous other not as pretty blazers, were only 3 pink ones, only one in my size, at that moment doubt hit me, did I really want it? need it? I walked out of the store, thinking that maybe among all the other boutiques I could fin something else that caught my attention, my bad, after an hour or so wandering around the mall (even going back to ZARA a couple of time, I swear the security guard gave a funny look a couple of times), I decided that the pink blazer was what was missing in my heart, and in my closet at the moment, I tried it on a couple of times, twirled around on it in front of the mirror, and bought it. After I left the store happiness overwhelmed me, I felt this rush, I don't know if that's how drugaddicts feel after they've done their drug of choice, but what I do know is that it made ME feel wonderful, I was so happy, couldn't believe that this baby was finally mine. After I left the mall in total extasis (even skipped my usual shaken lemon tea at Starbucks) I decided to walk back home (it's pretty near y'know) and as I walked I kept thinking, what would I wear my new baby with? I kept styling it over and over again in my mind with half of my closet, and each outfit I liked it even more, then I couldn't help to think, am I the only one who does this? who feels this way when finally getting some piece of clothing you've been lusting after for a while? Do all women/fashion conscious people style their latest accquisitions in their mind over and over again? What is it about going shopping that can make us feel so good about ourselves? A while a go a friend of my mother asked me what was with us women and shopping? I explained that feeling I get when I go shopping to her, she later told me she had never felt that rush, that excitement going into a boutique, the pleasure of going into a store, that, I'd never change, probably that's why I very rarely (almost never) shop on the internet, it doesn't feel the same, does anyone else get what I mean? has any of you lovely readers ever felt that way about shopping, and if you have, would you mind explaining it to me? I wanna read all of these experiences and maybe I can get a better understanding of this thing, also does it work as well for online shopping? C'mon share your thoughts on this and tell me I'm not crazy!!


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  1. jajaja, me encantan tus palabras!! De verdad disfruto cada uno de tus post! En especial este, porque yo acabo de comprar hace un mes el mismisimo blazer y lo amo! Un saludo y un beso!

    Ps. claro que tenemos un pendientillo, btw, im sure you are not the only crazy one after all.