Till Dusk

T-shirt: ZARA
Skinny belt
Skirt: Sphera
Bag: Vintage
Sandals: ZARA

Byebye summer break! Tomorrow I start school after almost 2 months of vacations, I'm really excited to start a new semester tomorrow, it seems like it'll be a really good one! I haven't done that "back to school" shopping yet, but I will pretty soon. So, how was your summer? Mine was, different, I was used to having pretty hectic summers, summer job, traveling and stuff, this summer I didn't get a job I figured I'll soon have a full time job and this is one of my last free summers, so why not? I did a lot of summer reading, did a lot of catching up on new series, shopped a lot, took pretty pretty pictures, went to some really cool parties, and hung out with new friends! And most importantly, slept A LOT (In my opinion there's nothing better than havin a good 12 hours of sleep) So am I ready for school? Bring it on! 

I hope you guys have a nice week!


Photos by BBB

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