Humor me?


Chain: it was from a chain bag I sometimes use it as jewellry
Blouse: ZARA
Shorts: Aeropostale cutoff jeans
Wooden sandals: ZARA

Mannequin at school

This summer's been the weirdest of all, I've been oversleeping, cooking, barely going out though.. I've been reading Sara Shepard's PLL saga, and I must say I'm in love hahaha, I've also done some shopping, but nothing big, I'll post pictures of my latest finds ASAP next weeken I've been invited to the STYLE HUNTING PARTY at district club, so I'm attending with Ana (another local fellow blogger) and Estefanie, owner of muchotugusto Showroom. I've also rearranged my closet, getting rid of old stuff to make space for new, I believe life works the same way, you have to let go of old stuff, people, situations, etc. to make space for some new and better things to come. Summer's always been one of my favourite times of the year, but this one hasn't felt right, I don't know why, I've always thought that the worse the summer the better will be the autumn, why? well you can't have so many good times all over year, otherwise you wouldn't realize when it's the best time you've had in a while. I'm also loving this summer rain. What do you love or hate about summer?


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