Summer rainy days are here

Leather jacket
Basic tee: ZARA
Pants: ZARA
Heels: ViaLibera
Chain Cilinder Bag: Thrifted

It's been rainy this last couple of days, I looove summer rains like I said before, tonight's my BFF's prom, I'm wearing this really chic black dress, with killer lace heels! I'm pretty excited about it, will have such a nice time!
So, this far I've been blogging, reading some really nice books, and watching this show called Criminal Minds, I can't believe I hadn't found it before! Such a cool show, have you guys seen it? Do you like it? I'm almost done with the 3rd season and can't get enough of it!! But seriously, I need to find a summer past-time! Any ideas? maybe I'll start with all those DIY projects I have sitting around, who knows.. So how has your summer been? What are your plans?


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