MuchoTUGusto Showroom party

 Clutch bags
 Pretty pretty clothes
 Great summery drinks+cupcakes

 Pretty (: I should move in here!
 Vintage shoes (:
 Trying on some clothes (:

 Yummy pink drink (:
 Vintage Dior
 Vintage Dior+Givenchy
 Tons of lovely accessories

 Reading material
Cupcake love (:

So as I promised, more pictures on the showroom I did a photoshoot for a couple of weeks ago, here they are, I was kindly invited to they're SALE Party this past saturday, where I got a lovely blouse I'll show you guys latter, they had delicious cupcakes, fresh summery pink drinks and Vitamin Water ♥ and of course lovely clothes! Here are some pictures for you guys to see a little bit more of it (: