Valentine's is almost here guys!

 So valentines day is monday, I thought I'd share this dessert recipie, simple, easy and tastes sooo good!
If you're having a party or something special with your loved ones for that day you can do this and put it into some champagne glasses with a bit of whipped cream and a strawberry on top, it'll look pretty cute I think.

Strawberry Mousse

First this is what you'll need:

A strawberry jello package i prefer to use jell-o they always turn out right.
A can of carnation condensated milk.
A mixer.
Sugar (as mucha as it says on your jello package)
Mixing Bowl.
Little bowls or plates or cups, whatever you prefer to put your mousse when we finish.

You will need to prepare the jello as it says on the box, but the only thing you'll need to change is water quantity, make it a half of it (so if it says 4cups, you'll only need 2)
Once the jello is ready, let it cool down.

 Before you start cooking everything it is necessary that you refrigerate the milk, put it on the fridge for 2 o 3 hrs until it's really cold.

Now, you'll ned a mixing bowl and your mixer, put the milk in the bowl and mix it until it's twice its original size, foam like.

Once the milk is ready and the jello is cold (still liquid) pour it slowly in the milk and mix it until it has an uniform pink colour.

When you finish mixing it, is time to put it on the bowls, cups, plates, whichever you choose to put it in, this needs to be done as soon as you finish mixing it, otherwise it'll  become too stiff.

Once you put it on the plates it'll look something like this.

Time to put it in the refrigerator! 

Let it cool for about an hr or two and then...

Voila! Ready to eat! Enjoy!


  1. This looks so so yummy!



  2. These look so great!

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  4. Yummyyy.......Thx girl...Can't wait to try it

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