Mom's bday

Cardigan: mom's
Top: Basic ZARA
Shorts: bsk
Skinny Belt: bsk
Flipflops: AE

mom's bday cake!

Lil' cousin's mega blocks


Nopales+Baby onions+Chile Poblano for the BBQ

Thursday lunch, pasta with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and cream+species= yumm!

Mom's bday breakfast, omelette, hotcakes, fruit, juice


My lil' brother and I made Elvis that bday hat, my mom was stunned at how cute he looked! (:
Soo yesterday was my mom's bday, we made her breakfast in bed, gave her some gifts and letters, and on the evening all the family gathered chez moi for some bbq! my aunt got her an icecream+chocolate cake, she loved everything we did for her! And we all had a blast! (:

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