Ok first off, sorry for the long long absense! I've been sick lately, having problems with my liver and stuff, plus I got problems with the Wi-Fi here at home but I'm back and this is going to be a long long post ;D

Here's a bit of what's been going on with my life!

Since school started for me already, I got this reallly cute Benetton bag for my stuff :)

At school we had this design project, we had to make this dress for an infant out of paper! amizing huh?!
What do you think? You guys like it??

These are pictures from an exhibition I went a while ago at the local art gallery, but I found them and thought I'd share with you.

These are some pictures of these amazingly gorgeous flowers my mom's got outside the house! She calls them Butterflies, I don't know what the real name is, but they're amazing! too bad they only last for a day, by sunset, they'll be dead!!

Ok, I thought I'd share some of the stuff I see daily in my hometown, everytime I walk home from college (because it's pretty near my place) I walk outside this weird night club mixed with restaurant place, and they have these amazing dead trees outside, I personaly love how they look!

Also on my way home I always get to see these plants, I looove how you get the mix of green, purple and pink!

When my mom was about 17 she used to work on a cruise club, selling memberships or something like that, it was called Royal Prince, I think it was in Houston or sth like that, so I found these amazing pin in her stuff and loved it!

I bought these for about 15pesos and loved the vintage look to them! what do you think??

I also got these frames and put a couple of advertises from magazines that I liked and hung them on my bedroom wall! love them or hate them?

Yesterday my mom bought me these amazing clogs! I'm utterly in loooove with them! What are your views on clogs?

And finally, my favourite couple of pictures! Pomegranate!! Here in mexico you can see people on the street selling you cups with it! You put a little lemon on them, salt and a bit of chilly and there you go! Super yummy!! :)

Photo via Mikes Mendoza via Flickr

Photo via About dot com by

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