Everyone deserves a second chance.

Fresh new starts are always a good thing, I always thought they would be easier though, I always had in mind they were somehow more glamourous, like in the movies, I thought I'd be like Holly Golightly, slipping into little black dresses and hiding behind big sunglasses to run away from her past and that awful marriage, the truth is, I didn't run away from a marriage, or heartache, I just did from routine and boredom and a small town, I wanted to see the world, because of course, the grass is always greener on the other side, and truth is, it isn't, drama and boredom, are still the same 1000 miles from home, the adventure of being able to start from zero, and not knowing anyone is exhilarating at first, like when you decide to chop off all of your hair, amazing at first and indeed refreshing, but time makes it dull, or maybe it's just me and my luck of getting bored way too easily.

So, when I decided to ditch my apparently, oh so boring hometown, I decided I'd ditch everything, including, and yes I'm ashamed to type this, fashion, and that included my beloved ByeByeBlondie and my dedicated readers, and to be honest, nothing's ever given me such a heart ache as to relegate fashion, but I can say something, even when didn't want it to be a part of me, there it was, calling me, and all I would read and see was fashion, even if I refused to talk about it in public.

A recent talk with my beloved friend Alba opened my eyes, and when she asked me 'Who's your favourite designer?” and it took me about an hour to type my answer, I knew that very moment that fashion has always been my greatest passion, ever since I was that dorky fourth grader who would wear sundresses with boots that decided she'd be a fashion designer some day even when she had no idea of what it meant at the time, that itch has been there, walking with me through every moment of life, it's always been that creative outlet for a shy girl with way too many things and inspirations running around her head and just a few words to describe them. And after all wasn't it Rachel Zoe the one who said 'Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.'? And I couldn't agree more with her.

I want to give BBB a new purpose, I want it to be less about me and more about them, about these amazing human beings who allow me to dream. So expect more fashion talk and less ego around here, and this is just the beginning, because once I start talking fashion, there are little things that can stop me.


  1. Best of lucks with Bye Bye Blondie 2.0 Ella. It's amazing one of our favourite and most stylish bloggers is back at last!

    I'm sure the future holds incredible things for you. Keep running!

  2. Me da en serio mucho gusto que estés de regreso y me agrada el giro que le quieres dar a tu blog, en serio felicidades y bienvenida de nuevo