Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys! What are you dressing up as today? Any parties? This is a little something I threw on just for the LOLs. But you'll see, as a little girl my mom always celebrated halloween, but also encouraged me to celebrate, what we, here in MX call "Day of the Dead" so yeah on October 31st we went out to get candy with all our friends and ate cupcakes and stuff, those are some of my happiest memories of this time of the year, I've always loved dress up, but apparently, this was the only day of the year where you could go out wearing the craziest thing you could imagine and people approved of, but on the other hand, she always made me and my little brother put up an altar as is tradition in Mexico, to our loved ones who had passed away, that is, our pets, hahahaha, so I guess I have a little of both, and I love both dates, so, on Wednesday when we celebrate Day of the Dead, I'll post up pictures of that special day and tell you more about it!!
Trick or Treat

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