Summery drink

Mojitos! (L)

So I'm leaving for the beach next week, and I'm also attending the day before to a couple of fashion shows, I promise to keep you posted when I get back!! Thanks for your lovely comments! You're all adorable!

I thought I'd share this pic of a mojito I drank at my friend's bday bash 2 weeks ago! So yummy I think they're the perfect summer drink! So fresh!

Mother's day is right around the corner, what are your plans? here in MX we celebrate it the 10th, I dunno what should I give my mom! Tips? Ideas? Also I'm looking for the perfect beach book, any recomendations? I had thought of sth like Eat, Pray, Love. Have you read it? Too cliché? Or I also thought of Gossip Girl book series or the PLL one, what do you think?

What's your favourite summer drink?


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