Fresh New Start

First of all I wanna apologize to all of my readers for the lack of updates, but since I am on vacations I really am trying to get some rest after the hectic semester I had, I've done some thinking and idea organizing, this includes my blog too, so as you can see I made some changes, name, look, everything, I also made some thinking of the reasons I have this blog, as many of you know, the idea of having one is a journal that you can share with people all over the world, sharing toughts, ideas, feelings and stuff.

Now, what does fashion mean to me? like i read once upon a time, fashion enables us to find ourselves, but it also enables us to lose ourselves. To me is something that can be taken carelessly,but it also has to be taken seriously, its a way of expresing ourselves and comunicating what we have to say to the world, to make an statement, this is what i am, this is who i am! it's something that we should celebrate and be proud of! And don't forget it fashion can be bought, style one must possess!

As all of you can read at the top of this page, I'm a fashion Design Student, but unfortunately, the city in which I live is not so big, and saddly is not fashion conscious at all, I'd dare to say that maybe 1% of it, is, so you can imagine how hard it is for us, sartorials, fashion lovers, to have a blog that's full of street style pictures, or to find people who shares our passions.

Why do I have this blog for? I want to find myself, my own style. I'll be posting pictures of my day to day struggle with fashion in a city that ignores its existence, and maybe in a year I will have a style that defines me or at least i'll be aware of who i am, i want bybye-blondie to be something special in this enormous blog universe.

And for my New Year's Resolutions? To Stop Giving Myself Reasons Why I Can't And Start Giving Myself Reasons Why I Can. That's Pretty much it!

Thanks and my best wishes to all of my readers on this 2011!


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