My hair, and style and stuff over the time :)

You see, I was born with really pale skin, red lips, and STRAIGHT almost black hair :) When I got to 7th grade it started to get wavy, curly, weird and didn't like it at all, but i still let it grow and stuff, when I got to prep school I hated my hair, so I decided to cut it really short and straighten it forever :) still keeping my natural hair colour

But still kinda experimented on the lenght of the many layers I had on my still short hair

Then at some point I decided I wanted long long hair, but since mine was really short I decided to get hair extensions (because my hair grows really really slowly!)
Still keeping natural hair colour!

Then on a trip to CO for my 18th bday I decided f*ck extensions and I want my hair purple!

But as soon as I got back home I got it dyed brown :) trying to blend in a little and got hair extensions back!

On a tantrum to be blonde I bleaches all of my hair which turned to be one awful mess, luckily there're no pictures of it! I immediately ran next morning to get it dyed black.

Still being a huge fan of hair extensions I got some coon tails and blonde /white ones to match my black ones! EPIC WIN i loooved how it looked and so did people who even stopped me on the street to ask about it! lol!

After almost a year with said look I threw away coon tails and hair extensions cause my hair was a little longer now and decided to experiment on my own hair

Wich turned into some white streaks (sp?)

blonde streak on the side and aqua/green/weird bangs

I also liked to experiment on the size of my bangs lol which sometimes turned out to be HUGE mistakes!!

Then my blonde streak turned blue :)

Then it went to being plain black

But it felt boring, so I got some red extensions, which looked killer! :)

after a couple of months I wanted to have chocolate colour hair, but Oh surprise! Black hair dye is the hardest thing to get off of the hair, so I got some chocolate higlights which I really loved, but were too hard to keep looking cool

And then one day almost a year ago I woke up and said to myself "I've never ever been a red head! lets try it!" which also turned into a mess and it looked orange brown weird!

A month latter I got it kinda reddish which I liked better and I also paired with some black hair extensions! :)

But red fades away really really fast!! So I decided I wanted to be strawberry blonde! which I am now, but, to hard to mantain and stuff so now there're only 2 possible solutions:

Dye it back to its original color so it can grow out without the need of retouching it or my beloved òmbre hair!

what do you think I should do?


  1. Really loved your hair red (sorry ;)!),, but I know, it fades mega quick..

  2. funny pictures :)
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  3. you often change your hair look!! i prefer the red one.. hehe..
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    <3 thanks

  4. Love your blog!! I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  5. I also have the problem to always want to do something new with my hair! But i think you looked good with all youre hairstyles! :)